Reyaz Badaruddin

In Praise, Porcelain and Terracotta, 2018

By By Reyaz, Aug 9 2019 03:43PM

In Praise was a collaboration between me and my wife Elodie Alexandre, created as a response to the challenge offered to interpretate the lingam as object.

This body of work inverts places of representation with the intention to restore a sense of balance. In any patriarchal society, the way history is written and recorded leaves little space and visibility to women, perpetrating the notion that mainly men are achievers and innovators. This project is a contribution to scratch this mask and counteract the established order. The 'lingam' becomes a vehicle to pay tribute to ten women in Indian history who have been overlooked or forgotten despite their achievements.  

Porcelain, a noble material, is the carrier of the homage paid to these exceptional individuals whose memory ought to be remembered. The sepia tones of the text and drawings, with their fading quality, recall the fragility of memory, while the 'trophies' are given height by standing on pedestals made in red clay, a material which symbolises grounding and humility.

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