Reyaz Badaruddin

Artist's Statement



Reyaz  Badaruddin  is  a  ceramics  teacher and artist who  has  recently  moved  from Delhi to the  Himalayas,  where  he  has  built  a  studio. He  graduated  in  Ceramic  Design  at  Banaras  Hindu  University  in  2000.  In  2009,  he  was  awarded  a  Charles  Wallace  Fellowship to complete  an MA  attachment  in  Ceramics  at  Cardiff  School  of  Art  and  Design,  UK.


He is  a  recipient  of  the National and Junior  Fellowships  by  the  government  of  India.    His work explores  a  variety  of  thematics.  His inspiration  keeps  evolving  to reflect  a  wide range  of  interests which  mix  social and aesthetics considerations.  Lately,  he  has  engaged  with  formalist  considerations with  his  ceramic  practice,  dealing  with the  questions  of  context and  placement,  as well as  how  these  influence  the  perception  of  objects  and determine  the  importance  given  to  them.  He  has  participated  in  several  national  and international shows and residencies. His  pieces  are in the collection  of  the Mark  Rothko  Art  Center  in  Latvia,  the  FULE  International  Ceramic  Museum  in China and  various  other  public  and  private  collections


Artists whose work Reyaz admires and keeps referring to include Peter Voulkos, Ray Meeker, Jackson Pollock, Eduardo Chillida and Mark Rothko.



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Photo credit: Elodie Alexandre